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Real life. Real music. Washington, DC-based artist, Aria M, has made this the foundation of his musical creativity since the age of thirteen. He has been focused on rapping, singing, songwriting, vocal engineering, composing, and producing since then. Ever evolving and honing his craft, Aria M’s main focus is connecting with listeners through his engaging themes. His natural musical ability underlines searing emotional topics; but, like life, many of his songs offer a message of positivity and happiness.

Aria M’s latest release, Prettyboi Ar, brings his newly-minted maturity into sharp focus. A perfectionist, Aria M’s smoothly polished flows and fluid lyrics showcase his art. Always experimenting, one can see the evolution of his art from early releases like “Worth It” and “Trust Nobody 2” to his latest releases. Most recently, he released the transformative “Rude” and “0h My G0d”. These songs, especially,  showcase his feather-light, effortless lyrics with nearly ethereal musical undernotes.  

Aria M plans to continue pushing the boundaries of his art, creating truly unique sounds and stories with his music that break out of traditional musical genres. Branching out from his rap roots, Aria M’s new focus will be on excavating deep into strong emotions and exploring what he finds there. Sure to continue turning out blistering new sets, Aria M is the emerging new artist to watch.

In order to contact us please email silencegoblinofficial@gmail.com

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